Security Features

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If you are an ePORT Administrator looking to recertify user, please login to ePORT and click on 'Recertify Users' link under Administration section.

User Access Controls - Company administrators can control access privileges by:

Assigning different user roles and limiting the number of users with supervisory or company administrative access. The majority of users should be set as a "user" with limited access.
Limiting product availability (only providing users with access to the products they need to fulfill their specific job responsibilities).

To reduce the amount of sensitive information that may be distributed to users, ePORT does not require individuals with User or Supervisor roles to enter sensitive or confidential account information. The account set-up process is limited to your company administrators.

Usage Reports Available in eCreditInformation - ePORT provides management, internal audit, and security teams with valuable tools that help govern issues related to the use of credit information. Company administrators have access to the following tools:

Consumer File Logs - View users' credit report activity including the original inquiry information and report output. Logs can be viewed for at least six months and provide an effective audit trail.
Report Profile Logs - Examine changes made to Equifax product selections, including product additions, deletions, and changes.
User Profile Logs - Analyze changes related to users' profiles by determining who added a new user or made changes to an existing users' profile as well as the date and time the changes were made.
Secure Token Logs - Assess each time a user downloads a new token. When a user downloads a new token, company administrators can view the IP address of the machine that was used to download the token along with the transaction date and time. If a user logs into another person's computer that already has a secure token installed, token logs are not recorded.

Hours of Operation - Company administrators also can establish normal hours of operation and review applications accessed outside of those hours. To set up operation hours, go to the Company Administration link and click "ePORT Account Administration".