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Equifax ePORT is a business-to-business portal marketplace designed to provide Equifax customers with user-friendly, flexible access to tools that drive bottom-line results. ePORT users report significant advantages in two key areas: expense reduction and revenue growth


ePORT is a combination of storefronts and the primary destination for businesses of all sizes. This portal is designed to facilitate intuitive navigation and ease of use. It offers single sign-on access to a variety of information and tools all in one convenient location. ePORT is your one-stop-shop for consumer and commercial products as well as fraud solutions, employment verification and decisioning solutions.



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Features include:

A secured, personalized web experience for all users.
A common entry point and information source for small businesses to global corporations.
Role and location-based security to control access to information.
A repository and distribution mechanism for all Equifax product-related information.

ePORT is a necessity for businesses of any type and size and helps serve our valued customers better by offering immediate impact on company productivity. It permits users to select products directly from the integrated marketplace in real-time. It enables faster and easier access to product information and solutions, quicker response time to requests, better customer support and the ability to download data directly.

ePORT empowers users» with premium standard features such as administration, security, user preferences and customization.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

One-stop-shop convenience for access to consumer and commercial solutions.
No minimum volume requirement levels the playing field, bringing competitive tools to all customers regardless of size.
Full scalability means as your business grows, we seamlessly support your needs.
Web-based portal provides 24 / 7accessibility to the tools you need, whenever and wherever you need them.
Speed up your response time to new customer inquiries.
Improve your customer support metrics.
Save time by downloading data directly.

If you are not already a member, please contact us.